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50,000 Hits ! Thank you!!

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I started this blog 566 days ago and today it has seen 50,000 hits.  I have made many new friends from this blog and I’m thankful for finding and knowing them.  Many THANKS to all those readers who flock around my site, some before starting work early in the morning, some later – it has been your support which has brought me here and I appreciate your interest.

In the last few months I added links to some stylish gents that I list as “The Trad Men”.  Some great people with varying points of view on anything from what your shoes are made of to how to make the best doggone pancakes in the land.  I love reading their blogs and appreciate their comments.

I’ve met so many great photographers – most of them so much better than I am at the craft.  I get an immense amount of pleasure from shooting just about anything, and have learned a great deal about the post-process work flow that make a good photo a great photo – I’m still learning!  Thanks to all of you photographers out there – professionals and amateurs — you inspire and motivate me to click-click-click.

Many thanks,


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