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Oldies – Buddy Holley and WVLG

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I found out the true spelling of Buddy Holly’s name was actually HOLLEY.

anyway —

Spent some time up in The Village last week, and snapped a few shots thereabouts.  I never paid much attention to Buddy Holley until just recently and one of his really great songs is linked here as well.  True Love Ways was also done by the Mavericks and Cliff Richard – both do excellent version of this classic.

Have a great weekend!

WVLG The Villages, FL


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January 29, 2010 at 7:22 pm

Classic cars – higher echelon

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I DIDN’T TAKE THESE PHOTOS!  Some folks that owns these beauties took them – I just want to show off some really nice rides!

Around Christmastime I wanted to do a post on a FANTASY GARAGE GIVEAWAY – where I, as “John Beresford Tipton” (The Millionaire) would bestow riches upon the worthy populous – completely at my discretion. You may think some of these wonderful cars are crap, or “what the hell was this kook thinkin;?  But, I, in my eccentric way found value in these fine automobiles.

Anyway — I was buying them a classic car instead of giving them a check for a mil.  Here’s what I was going give from my fantasy garage:

1969 Mercedes 280SL

1952 Buick Estate Wagon

1952 Buick Estate Wagon

1959 Alfa Romeo Veloce Spider

1959 Alfa Romeo Veloce Spider

1960 Ford Country Squire

1960 Jaguar Mark II Saloon

1961 Porsche Roadster 356

1961 Porsche 356 Roadster

1962 Buick Invicta Estate Wagon

1962 Lincoln Continental Convertible

1962 Lincoln Continental Convertible

1962 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible

1962 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible (possibly Parisienne)

1969 Mercedes Benz 600 Pullman

Another shot of that 600 Pulllman because it's so freekin' classy!

1970 Range Rover

1978 MG B

1978 MG B

1994 Porsche Speedster 964

1994 964 Speedster

2008 Bullitt Mustang

2010 4 Runner

2010 Ford F250

Happy Motoring!

btw ~~ a $million just doesn’t buy what it used to!

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January 26, 2010 at 5:23 pm

Happy Birthday – Sadie!

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This is Sadie, my Rough Collie – probably the sweetest most affectionate dog you’ll ever find.  And today she is eight years old (Born on 1-17-2002 in New Smyrna Beach, FL).  Yesterday was her annual visit to the vet, and except for a bit of an eye problem, she’s doing extremely well.  According to the chart that was on the wall in the vet’s office, she’s about 51 in dog years, but she hasn’t slowed down at all.  She’s got lots of spunk and looks forward to playing Frisbee (with a flippy-flopper) a couple of times a day.  She gets plenty of exercise.  Today she’s get a cup of “Frosty Paws” for desert (doggie ice cream).

Sadie’s got a real herding instinct – or this lady loves to boss the horses around!

Who couldn’t love a face like this??

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January 17, 2010 at 11:30 am

A Depression Program by George Lawrence Parker

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To YALE, 1897

“Our 35th” – June 1932

A Depression Program

By George Lawrence Parker

  1. Don’t believe all you hear about the depression.  Carry your own courageously.  Allow for exaggeration.
  2. Dare to be unfashionable.  Don’t curse the world you live in.
  3. Don’t smile all the time, but do smile some of the time. Snarling is bad for the face and the soul.
  4. Don’t deny the depression; but don’t substitute it for eternity.
  5. Maybe you weren’t really happy before the depression.  Try it now.
  6. Keep healthy.  Most people eat too much anyhow.
  7. Look into religion a bit.  Maybe there’s something in it.
  8. Love people harder than ever.  They need it.
  9. Play with children.  They don’t know anything about the stock market.
  10. Expect a better world.  It’s on the way.  Part of it will get here if you don’t spill it.
  11. Drive out fear.  “He’s the only thing to be afraid of.”
  12. Forget prosperity.  Most of it lies right under your own coat.
  13. Be honest.  It will soon be in fashion again.

(Reprinted from The Boston Herald of April 28, 1932.  Knowing ‘97’s taste in rejecting “unsuitable portions”, I have left the thirteen points as originally published.  G.L.P)

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January 16, 2010 at 4:49 pm

Aston Martin DB 9

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This little gem rumbled down Park Ave this afternoon at lunch just as I was getting my camera out of my bag – it slid down the street a bit so I had to keep an eye out so as to note the general area that it parked.  Like Jaguar of the past, Aston Martin does it right – please don’t tell me someone bought them up!

ADG is in the market for a new ride – this might suit him well;  It definitely goes with his blue linen Flusser jacket, tropical slacks, popped lime collar, and blue weejuns.  And LFG along for a great ride with Dad.  (photos swiped from

I think it all goes very well!!!

Many of the shops on Park Ave were having sidewalk sales – Orvis/Downeast has 50-70% off of some inventory – but most items were $49.99 on the sidewalk

Lots of Lacoste and RL shirts

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January 14, 2010 at 7:22 pm

RL Rocks Glasses – Glen Plaid – on Sale

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Update: 1/20/2010 – The matching RRL Glen Plaid tumblers are on sale for an unbelieveable $3.00.  I bought four, and an two extra rocks glasses – still at $5.


I noticed the Ralph Lauren rocks glasses in Dillard’s last week – noticed that they were still $50 for 4.  Today we were in Marshall’s and found all of the RL glasses on sale.  Most are $6.99 each (week 24), except if they have a “week 22” designation then they are 5 bucks!  That’s half off the regular price for four.  They were loose on the shelf so I had to match them up.  Other designs were available as well as in tumbler size.   So, get on down to Marshall’s and grab them up before they are gone!

Notice the top row of numbers on the Marshall’s price tag – the last two digits with the square around them signify the week number.  #22 on sale for $5; #24 on sale for $6.99

Cocktails anyone?

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January 9, 2010 at 3:18 pm

The Holidays are over —

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And so it’s back to work, or school, or the day-to-day routine we had prior to the festivities.

This year I have a number of goals ahead of me.  I need to get a certification before the end of 2010;
I must finish (successfully) a big project by 4/12/2010 or else!

I need to save more money, but I don’t know how I’m going to do that-given that expenses
are higher and higher.

Did you know that banks are charging your favorite suppliers, retailers, and service providers
much higher clearing charges for credit and debit charges as of 1/1/2010?  This will carry-over to
to us consumers of course.  You should see the effect this week I’m sure.

I hope to make some advance in my photography this year.  I’ve been toying around
with it for two years and now its time to either get serious or give the equipment away!

I’m not one for resolutions, so I’m not going to make any – but I’ve got to lose some weight.
The problem is – I’m always hungry!!! And I like good food!  I’m pretty proud of my self – I’ve gone
over two and a half years without a cigarette – and I know that has been part of the weight gain

Anyway, I hope your first week back goes well.

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January 3, 2010 at 4:55 pm