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On the road – Greenwich,CT, and The Joseph Pilsudski Society

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Greenwich Connecticut is exac-tickely 1160.6 miles from Sorrento Florida.   First day was a twelve hour excursion through the southern coastal states with a side step over to Savannah, GA – really nice city, but it was sooo hot yesterday – so Friday was 653 miles of hard road. 

I must say that North Carolina has the most beautiful section of I-95 with beautiful yellow lillies and red/coral crepe myrtels throughout the state.  I’m sorry to report, but Maryland ranks tops with the suckiest roads. 

As my wife was navigator from FL to CT, I’m afraid to say she lost the will to live somewhere on the New Jersey Turnpike as our trip (B) odometer hit 940 miles – NJ by the way has the rudest drives bar-none!

I took a look around town of Greenwich this evening as I used to work in here back in the early 80s.  My fav bar at the time was Mickey’s on Greenwich Ave. but is now a place called Sundown.  I did find solace in a small Polish pub/club on Arch St… .The Pilsudski Society.  Hmmm. 

I signed the guest book… and put down a pint of their standard bar brew.

The Joseph Pilsudski Society

The fine folks at the JP Society

Written by sorrentolens

June 26, 2010 at 8:54 pm