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Marconi Update

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Marconi is thriving in our new digs in Mount Dora (since January).  He’s 20 months old now. 

Although he doesn’t have the hype of the horse farm in our old neighborhood, he’s getting along quite well in the country club life with his new friends in our new neighborhood (Abby a demure little sheltie – he loves to show off in front of her — he’s such a dude!, High Test & Diesel – two black labs that challenge him on every encounter, and many other canines – which he chooses to like – or dislike on any given day). 

He’s happy and healthy and is given to doggie talk ie.. low howl/growl murmur while I’m reading or watching TV……..(sounds a lot like Chubakka from Star Wars ) —  his way of telling me how his day went.






He’s also very well in tune with his daily routine… as an example… every since we got him (just over a year ago), he seems to crash around 8:00 PM… and ever since we talk to him around that time and ask him if he wants to go to bed.  He gets up… walks over to his bed (nice place in the pantry), and settles down for the night.  He gets a cookie and we huggie/kiss.. then it’s off to sleepy-land.  He doesn’t get up until around 6:00 AM.– every night — same routine. it’s amazing!

He’s really an amazingly intelligent pup — and best of all, he’s so good with our grandkids, so very gentle and a great play pal.

Marconi — we LOVE YOU!


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September 17, 2012 at 6:40 pm

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