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On the street where I lived ~ and ~ New Haven Pizza

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I grew up on Ridgewood Avenue in North Haven Connecticut which as you might guess is just north-east of New Haven.  It’s a great town with great people and plenty of activities for a new family or for folks who have lived there all their lives (the latter – generally the case).  My Dad bought our house on Ridgweood Ave for $35,000 in 1959.  The other day when I shot some pics on the street, the house is up for sale (contract pending) in the mid-upper $300,000s.  But I did notice that the place is looking a bit shabby.  It needs paint badly – probably some structural work behinds the scenes as well.

Traditional colonial, Federal Colonial, Dutch Colonial, and New England style ranch homes are what you’ll see mostly on this lovely street.

141 Ridgewood Ave

Maraldene from Ridgewood Ave

Across the street and just to the left is the entrance to MARALDENE – the estate of the late A. C. Gilbert.  Mr. Gilbert was famous for the delight on just about any kids face on Christmas morning when they opened the Erector Set the Santa left.  There was a 2002 TV movie about Gilbert, “The Man Who Saved Christmas” – Gilbert was played by Jason Alexander although Mr. Gilbert was himself a tall/impressive man.

Pond at the High Lane Club

This is the pond at the High Lane Club.  This is the scene of the fish homicide as told to K.S. Anthony over at his blog. The pond looks a bit scummy with a green algae layer – but it actually looked lovely when I shot this.  Perhaps it was nostalgia – lots of memories in this neighborhood.

New Haven style pizza —

Pepe’s at Worcester Square – New Haven, Connecticut

In New Haven pizza is called Apizza and pronounced “AH-beets”.  I guess it’s a slang term that came from the Italian-Americans of the area who pride themselves on their family recipes, delicious food, and huge portions.  The pizza is wonderful!  Frank Pepe established his store for Neapolitan style pizza, made from fresh tomato sauce and the freshest ingredients he could put on top.  The restaurant is located on Olive Street in the Worcester Square area of the city.  Local pizzerias have been featured on the Food Network and the Travel Channel.  Most nights there is a line out the door to get in – and this is usually the case for other New Haven pizzerias (The Modern, Sally’s, Tony and Lucille’s).

The Oven at Pepe’s

The ovens are coal-fired which bring the temperature close to 1000 degrees.  This bakes the pizza (and toppings) very quickly and lends a crispy bottom to the light dough and the pizza usually has charred edges.  The char really makes the taste.   If you are from New York City, Pepe’s would be comparable to Lombardi’s.

New Haven - Apizza!

Pepe’s is famous for their clam and garlic pizza – I had a small one – delish!!!!  And the only way to have this pizza is with beer.

If you ever find yourself in New Haven Connecticut – stop by Pepe’s on Olive Street – or also try the Modern Apizza on State Street – both use extremely hot ovens and both turn our famously wonderful and delicious pizza —

Hey – lets go get an Ah – beets!  (oh by the way — WordPress sucks! – it’s giving me nothing but trouble)

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July 9, 2010 at 7:34 pm

Casa Feliz – Winter Park, FL

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Casa Feliz, a Spanish style masonry farmhouse complete with bell tower, arched doorways,  and courtyards,is a prime example of the work of designer James Gable Rogers II, Winter Park’s best known architect.  For over 60 years, his prolific work helped to define the unique residential character of Winter Park.  Rogers is also known as the architect of other Florida landmarks including the Florida State Supreme Court Building in Tallahassee.

The painstakingly refurbished home is now open as a museum on Sundays from 12-3.

Casa Feliz - Winter Park, FL

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May 16, 2010 at 12:04 pm

Today’s drive

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Speared gate

Speared gate

My Starbucks - Where everybody knows my name

My Starbucks - Where everybody knows my name

Sweetwater Oaks

Sweetwater Oaks



Southern Pines - all in a row

Southern Pines - all in a row

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January 10, 2009 at 2:49 pm