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While in Connecticut

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As some of you know, the first part of our trip north was to Connecticut. My daughter and family live in Greenwich and my sister and friends live in the New Haven area.

I took a walk around Greenwich while there:

Greenwich, CT

When I was at Gen Re

When I was with GenRe my office was on the third floor center set of windows of this building on Arch St.

RL on Greenwich Ave

Ralph Lauren has an impressive space on Greenwich Avenue – and the window are dramatically decorated.

Greenwich Harbor

A view of Greenwich Harbor from Steamboat Road.

On Railroad Ave., Greenwich

These fine automobiles looked like jewels in a jewelry store window as I walked down Railroad Ave. This was across the street from the railroad station.

The Yale Bookstore - in the building which was once the Yale Co-op

Barns and Noble runs the Yale Bookstore. It’s located in the building that was once the Yale Co-op. As I wandered each floor on my visit, I could envision the layout from the Co-op days; especially the top floor which was clothing. I new exactly where the suits, shirts and ties were; Gant and Sero BD shirts stacked and on-sale; rep and Yale College crested silk ties. I could see the wall of Shetland and cable knit sweaters in beautiful colors and tones – by their look they were instantly recognizable as a “Co-op sweater”.

J Press - New Haven

J Press - New Haven

Walking into J. Press in New Haven brings back a lot of memories. When I visit there, I swoop from table to table and look through the cases along the wall of shirts; the opposite wall completely decorated with ties of impressive colors and designs. On this trip my daughter surprised me a bought me a couple of ties – I love green ties, so I picked out a blue/green rep and a blue green knit – my wife bought me a watch strap. Everything looked great –

The loot from this trip

Some of the loot I picked up during this trip. By the way, the red chinos on the left are from Murray’s Toggery Shop Outlet in Nantucket and the pair on the right are from LL Bean. The Nantucket Reds are very light – almost pink – and this will be a cause of concern especially on Friday’s at work – so I’ll pass on casual Friday with the Murray’s go with the LL Beans. Even the LL Beans will be a problem, but I think I can pull them off OK at work. My PM partner at the firm will have a field day with preppy remarks – but I can take it.
Blue chambray shirt, ribbon belt, and flip-flops from J. Crew. Blue embroidered shorts and madras belt from the Bass Shoe Outlet, ties and watch strap from J. Press.

Tomorrow I’ll post a bit more from Connecticut then move onto Cape Cod.

I’m tired, good night!


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July 8, 2010 at 8:40 pm