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My Nantucket Red

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Came up with this cocktail hour offering – attempting to match the color newly acquired Nantucket Reds® from Murray’s.  Later this weekend I’ll put the kit on a model it all for ya!

The Nantucket Red

Here are the mixology instructions:

In a shaker half filled with ice

2 oz of your favorite vodka

2 oz of cranberry-pomegranate juice

1 oz of orange juice (not from concentrate)

Squeeze of a wedge of lime

Shake and pour into a nice crystal beverage glass or martini glass

Note:  This beverage is nice but a tad tart – some folks probably like it that way.  You might consider adding ½ oz. of simple syrup to take the bite off.

Simple Syrup

2 cups of water

2 cups of sugar

Heat to a boil and all sugar granules are dissolved and then let it cool.  Keeps in the refrigerator forever.

Putting it together


RL Rocks Glasses – Glen Plaid – on Sale

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Update: 1/20/2010 – The matching RRL Glen Plaid tumblers are on sale for an unbelieveable $3.00.  I bought four, and an two extra rocks glasses – still at $5.


I noticed the Ralph Lauren rocks glasses in Dillard’s last week – noticed that they were still $50 for 4.  Today we were in Marshall’s and found all of the RL glasses on sale.  Most are $6.99 each (week 24), except if they have a “week 22” designation then they are 5 bucks!  That’s half off the regular price for four.  They were loose on the shelf so I had to match them up.  Other designs were available as well as in tumbler size.   So, get on down to Marshall’s and grab them up before they are gone!

Notice the top row of numbers on the Marshall’s price tag – the last two digits with the square around them signify the week number.  #22 on sale for $5; #24 on sale for $6.99

Cocktails anyone?

Written by sorrentolens

January 9, 2010 at 3:18 pm