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The first of these photos is mine – I took it back in May at a launch parking lot off the side of one of the causeway bridges in South Daytona Beach.  The rest of the phots are from the Life Archives  and are wonderful shots of sailing back in the 50s and 60s – credits to Peter Stackpole, George Silk, and Gordon Parks.




sailing wet

sailing manhasette

sailing youth

sailing jackets


“Sailing all day. 30 knot winds. White knuckles. It’s dark now and the city admires itself in the reflection of the Bay. The wind is falling, the waves roll calmly under our stern. Sun-beaten and wind-worn, we think of warm soup … hot showers … the sleep of the dead.

The bouncing moon rises over the hills and shines a path home. Red and green road signs flicker in the distance. I reflect on how I should be doing this every day of my life.”  — hellosailor

“My whole life I’ve spent on boats.

Yes, my whole life, from about 4-5 months old on.

That makes me a boat brat.

Its so ingrained into me that moving away from the ocean and boats for any length of time makes me freak out horribly.

Offshore is an interesting thing.

Most are brought up to think there’s nothing out there but a vast open blank ocean, but infact it is pretty damn busy out there between all the commercial traffic, the fish, the dolphins, the whales, the weather, and the birds (yes birds).

It really is amazing.” – anteye

“Sailing is quite a bit like life

It’s not the destination but the journey that is the true reward.” –HappySailor

“A focused relaxation”

“There is a special kind of relaxation I feel when I am sailing.

I leave all the problems and worries of my life on land behind me.  There is usually something to think about that requires my attention, the course, the trim of the sails, where to anchor for the night… and this focus on a completely different set of issues provides an escape.

And of course there is the sensual delight…” — accomplice

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September 7, 2009 at 5:54 pm

1957 Dodge Custom Royal Convertible

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Well – yesterday (3/21/09) we met Brad and Elaine from G-R-A-Y, Maine – I told them how much I like their Dodge – that I gots lots of “hits” from the internet – and some folks actually asked me if I they could buy the car!!

Well – I said I didn’t own the car but some nice folks from G-R-A-Y, Maine owned it, and they would have to talk to them.

Brad and Elaine were really a lovely couple – enjoying their retirement in The Villages, Florida and the warm weather seemed to agree with them.  I took this photo and promised that I would not miss-spell Gray, Maine again.

Cheers! Brad and Elaine – and congratulations on a truly beautiful restoration of your 1957 Dodge Custom Royal Convertible.  


I went back up to The Villages on Saturday to get some more photos of some of the classic cars that they have on display each month. I knew there were some that I wanted to go back and capture having seen them back in February.
This Dodge Custom Royal Convertible was a beautiful example of a big 1950s car out of Detroit. This car was carefully restored by a retired New England Bell employee from Grey, Maine.







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March 16, 2008 at 6:24 pm

If our paths ever meet . . .

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“To all of my Cape Cod friends have a great and wonderful day, and to the rest of you, if ever our paths meet may we share a friendship that runs deep through and through and from beautiful beach to beautiful Cape Cod beach.”
This is a quote from the Cape Cod Rock Hopper. I thought it was the most beautiful set of words  – – – an invitation to become friends and the friendship would be deep.



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February 19, 2008 at 6:32 pm