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A Depression Program by George Lawrence Parker

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To YALE, 1897

“Our 35th” – June 1932

A Depression Program

By George Lawrence Parker

  1. Don’t believe all you hear about the depression.  Carry your own courageously.  Allow for exaggeration.
  2. Dare to be unfashionable.  Don’t curse the world you live in.
  3. Don’t smile all the time, but do smile some of the time. Snarling is bad for the face and the soul.
  4. Don’t deny the depression; but don’t substitute it for eternity.
  5. Maybe you weren’t really happy before the depression.  Try it now.
  6. Keep healthy.  Most people eat too much anyhow.
  7. Look into religion a bit.  Maybe there’s something in it.
  8. Love people harder than ever.  They need it.
  9. Play with children.  They don’t know anything about the stock market.
  10. Expect a better world.  It’s on the way.  Part of it will get here if you don’t spill it.
  11. Drive out fear.  “He’s the only thing to be afraid of.”
  12. Forget prosperity.  Most of it lies right under your own coat.
  13. Be honest.  It will soon be in fashion again.

(Reprinted from The Boston Herald of April 28, 1932.  Knowing ‘97’s taste in rejecting “unsuitable portions”, I have left the thirteen points as originally published.  G.L.P)


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